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May 25, 2020

Christian teachers want to do more than just inspire their students to do well in their classes. They also want to make a lasting impact on their hearts and lives. The best teachers will work to help them grow in character and wisdom as well as experience great joy as they see Christ work directly in their hearts.  Sending your child to a great Houston Christian school will ensure your little one will be taught by the best teachers. Below are the qualities of Christian teachers in a Christian school:

They Recognize their Calling

Christian teachers recognize that their mission is more than just teaching academics. They know God has called them to the classroom. They will look for Him to change the lives of people they encounter, no matter where they teach.

They Try to Excel

Christian teachers want to have a big impact so they try to gain the respect of their students, fellow teachers, and administration, and parents. They do this by pursuing excellence in whatever they do. However, these teachers do not seek perfection. Rather, they seek to do their best for Christ.

They Treat Students Like their Own Children

A Christian teacher’s love for students can make the biggest difference in their hearts. They maintain this love and connection even if a certain child is not being lovable. They recognize love not as a feeling but as a choice. And if they face the hardest time to love, they choose to show love.

They are Concerned with their Student’s Heart

The best teachers know how important classroom management is. However, aside from just keeping order, they prefer to be more concerned with what is in the hearts of their students than just their outward behavior. Students can easily force a certain outward behavior; however, this does not do any good once they are outside their classrooms. In order to have a lasting impact, Christian teachers will help change what is in a child’s heart.

They are Humble Before God

Christian teachers are humble and faithful to inspire respect in their students. They do not try to be someone they are not. They try to be the best they can, be real about their struggles, and ask for forgiveness whenever they fall short. They know that they can only force humility when it is in their hearts. That is why they are humble before God in prayer.

Ford Grover

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