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March 30, 2020

Phonics is the process of establishing a relationship between words and how they sound. This is the basic thing that you have to keep in mind and teach your child at the beginning. It is a key or a very important part of creating your child’s knowledge and also helps them learn the spelling patterns and how they should be pronounced keeping the sound in mind. Here, are some important rules regarding spelling and reading of phonetics that would definitely help you when you are teaching your child.

●  Short and Long Vowels:

When you see that a vowel is being followed by a consonant, then that vowel is usually short as red etc. A vowel is always long when it says its own name. In fact, when it comes to a word where the vowel is placed at the end, the word stretches for a long time. When they are paired with silent words or two vowels are paired together.

●     Vowels Present in Syllables:

 Each syllable must have a vowel. Each syllable of each and every word must have a vowel either paired, solo or united.  It could stand alone like in unit and animal. It could also be surrounded by consonants like a jet, shut etc.

●      ‘E’ is Silent or the silent ‘e’:

This is an important one and is taught in most of the best phonics school in Singapore. The ‘e’ when placed at the end of the word and there is only one other vowel, then usually the other vowel spells for itself while the ’e’ remains silent. For example, cake.

●       Vowel Digraphs: experts teach your child that when you pair two vowels together, the first one is long enough while the other is silent. For example paint etc.

●        R-Controlled Vowels:

There are many rules that you have to follow when it comes to phonetics but there are some special rules that are basics and this one belongs in that category. When you see that a vowel is being followed by an ‘r’ in the same syllable be assured that the vowel would be known as r-controlled and is not short. For example, spark, germ, birthday etc.

Best phonics school in Singapore teaches your child everything so that there is no breach in their basic education. Teachers with experience know how to manage your child and teach them taking time and with patience. Following these rules regarding phonetics is important to clear your child’s confusions.

Ford Grover

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